First book in the Paul Marcus/Isaac Newton trilogy


When former CIA code-breaker, Paul Marcus, receives the call he thinks it’s a hoax. He’s asked to analyze a cache of papers found locked in an old trunk. They were the last manuscripts written by Isaac Newton.
Using Newton’s math and notes, Marcus begins to see a pattern leading to a prophecy so frightening that to reveal it will change world events.
At the time of his death, Newton was searching for ancient biblical codes that may open a locked window into future events. Newton helped explain gravity — but could he do the same for human destiny?

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“First book I’ve read by Lowe. At this point, I wonder how his other books could possibly measure up. This was a fantastical tale, exciting for sure, and super-real, both in its theme and in the plausibility that anyone could survive such an adventure.”

– Peter R. Nichols (Amazon reviewer)

“All the right ingredients for an amazing read. Not at all what I expected, but still quite the story and quite the storyteller. Just read it!”

– Alan Sadowsky (Goodreads reviewer)

“After I started reading this book, I could not get anything done, no Christmas shopping, no parties, no motorcycle riding. The problem was I could not put it down. One of the best books I have read.”

– Tom Hoffman (Amazon reviewer)

“Destiny is a magnificent story. I could hardly put it down. Intriguing and exciting – every chapter built an increasing crescendo and created a greater desire to continue.”

– Catherine M. Batten (Goodreads reviewer)