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Friday, February 12, 2016

A welcome from Tom…

Welcome to my cyber hangout. Pull up a chair, sip a beverage, and let’s share some stories. This is the corner spot where I have the opportunity to welcome you.

Without an audience, a storyteller is talking to himself. Without readers, a writer is only going through the motion of writing. For me, the reader makes the work complete. That’s why, on the acknowledgment page of all my novels, I always thank the readers. I write the kind books I’d like to read. I write books I love to share.  The novel I just completed is called THE BLOOD OF CAIN.

Every time I begin to write a book, I think of you, the readers—those who will let the written words unfold into real characters and settings. I may be the scriptwriter, but you host the show. I never forget that my job is to provide you with personal entertainment experienced on the most intimate screen in the world, the theater of your imagination.

Thank you for the opportunity and the partnership.

Destiny - Tom Lowe's Latest Novel

When former CIA code-breaker, Paul Marcus, receives the call he thinks it's a hoax. He's asked to analyze a cache of papers found locked in an old trunk. They were the last manuscripts written by Isaac Newton. Using Newton's math and notes, Marcus begins to see a pattern leading to a prophecy so frightening that to reveal it will change world events. A t the time of his death, Newton was searching for ancient biblical codes that may open a locked window into future events. Newton helped explain gravity --- but could he do the same for human destiny?

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Destiny - The Trailer

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