Blood of Cain

Sean O’Brien series, book #5


When Courtney Burke appears at Ponce Marina on a humid summer morning, she leaves Sean O’Brien with a haunting tale. Her story could lead O’Brien down a path that began with a brutal crime forty years earlier and hidden family secrets spawned from the desecration of the innocent.
O’Brien learns that Courtney is linked to a series of carnival murders. Police are convinced she’s a serial killer, and all of her victims are men. But like the illusions found in the carnival’s House of Mirrors, nothing is as it appears. Just beyond the looking glass is where evil watches from a one-way mirror.
When Courtney faces a conviction for murder, O’Brien remembers something she told him, something so strange he’d originally dismissed it. To alter the future, to save Courtney’s life, O’Brien must penetrate dark deeds that began in a church forty years earlier


“Tom Lowe has written another winner in, Blood of Cain. Sean O’Brien is in the mix again. This time it’s with politicians, ex-girlfriends, maniacal killers and a long lost family member. The bad guys are really bad and O’Brien has his hands full. It’s a great chase to the finish – a finish you will likely continue to remember.”

– Ron Chicaferro (Amazon reviewer)

“I’m a Jack Reacher fan. Tom Lowe’s Sean O’Brien is another wonderful character. He’s deep and caring and loyal. This novel had twists, turns, excitement, danger, terror, and ingenuity that kept me guessing and holding my attention page after page after page.”

– Ronald P. Tatus (Goodreads reviewer)

“Another fantastic Sean O’Brien adventure Mystery. Fiction story that takes place in a carnival setting with a twist.”

– Joan L. Marshall (Amazon reviewer)

“This book was fast paced and exciting just about every page you turned. It wrapped a presidential race around a carnival, murder, a family tree, a man’s search for a daughter given up for adoption—and a few other things thrown into the plot. Tom Lowe was still able to make them mesh together. A definite must READ!”

– Francis T. Villante (Goodreads reviewer)